About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Since its creation in 2012, the Tool Library has been on a mission to explore the benefits of sharing resources and skills. Part of a broader tool sharing movement, 40 other tool libraries have been founded across North America since 2012. TTL is a non-profit organization, consisting of a small staff and much larger community of volunteers and supporters.

TTL provides the structure to share as a community, helping members learn the skills needed to complete projects. In addition, the organization provides assistance and cooperation with other community organizations like StopGap, the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto, and the Center for Social Innovation.

Our mission is to discover and share information on how communities anywhere can participate in the sharing economy.

Organisation Details

How does the Tool Library operate?

The Toronto Tool Library was started as a project of the charity organisation IRBE. In 2018 it achieved it's own status as a nonprofit organisation. It has a board of directors, and two staff, assisted by a community of volunteers and supporters.

TTL is funded primarily by member fees, sale of eco-friendly products and used tools.