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Need access to a Wood Shop?

Come to our weekly Community Nights (every Wednesday from 7:00pm-10:00pm, FREE) to access the Woodshop.

You may access the equipment outside of these hours through the Tool Ninja program for $40/hour; please contact for more details.

You must complete the wood shop safety certification to use the equipments. This certification is offered every Saturday from 10-12pm at 40$+HST per individual.

The Woodshop is at the Spadina location.


  • 48″ Table Saw w Outfeed table
  • 6″ Jointer
  • 12″ Sliding Compound Mitre Saw
  • 6″ Band saws (x2)
  • 12″ Thickness planer
  • 6″ Belt sander
  • Bench grinder
  • 36″ tall Drill press
  • Cyclone vacuum
  • Wood lathe
  • Router Table