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Where To Recycle E-Waste In Toronto

Your E-Waste Recycling Guide for Toronto!

At our Drop, Swap & Shop event last weekend at Evergreen Brickworks, we were extremely pleased to see how many of you brought out old electronics to be recycled by Recycle My Electronics! So. much. e-waste. was retired with dignity last Sunday.

So we decided to put a handy list together for Torontonians – so we can ensure that we live like it’s Earth Day everyday and avoid putting e-waste where it doesn’t belong.

*** It should be noted: if you are looking to get an item repaired, the Repair Cafe Toronto now hold weekly repair sessions at our Hillcrest Location (830 St Clair West) every Sunday afternoon from 12-4pm.


1) Recycle My Electronics

Recycle My Electronics have drop-off locations all over the city where you can take a number of different items.


2) reBOOT Canada

reBOOT Canada is an awesome organization. They are a Toronto-based, Canadian-registered charity that safely recycles and refurbishes donated computer equipment, through focused e-waste landfill diversion. They bridge the digital divide by providing subsidized and reliable access to technology, software and computer education to those who need it. You can drop off or have them pick items up. More information about drop-offs/pick-ups and what they accept here.


3) Project Get Reel

Toronto’s Red Propeller runs Project Get Reel, which takes VHS tapes and other magnetic media, digital and vinyl to be recycled for a small fee. They divert the recyclable components of VHS and other media tapes from going into landfills. Which conserves natural resources, reduces waste and accelerates the transition to a circular economy. YAY! They offer a data conversion service for those wanting to transfer the information on their old VHS tapes into a digital format.

They also have a car seat recycling program, which we love. Because used car seats can not be resold, a staggering ¼ of a million of them end up in landfills every year. That’s just not acceptable. Please spread the word about Toronto’s car seat recycling service.


4) TerraCycle

TerraCycle will provide you with a shipping sticker so that you can send your E-Waste to them in the mail free of charge. They take a limited selection of items, but they do have a points program where you collect points for every item sent in and redeem them for charitable gifts or a payment of $0.01 per point to the non-profit organization or school of your choice.

And here come the really cool part: they are also transparent about where their e-waste is going and how it is broken down for reuse. They aim to use a circular approach when repurposing the waste collected, including refurbishing electronics, turning waste into pellets that can be moulded into new products and innovating closed-loop solutions for many types of waste. They also work with a variety of companies to make upcycled products from waste which they sell online (such as pencil cases sewn from granola wrappers and suit jackets made from chip packing!).


5) Shift Recycling

Shift Recycling also several drop-off locations around the city where you can bring your e-waste. Here’s the list of what they accept (it includes batteries!)


6) Canada Iron & Metal Co.

These folks are located at the corner of Dundas and Jane in Toronto, has been recycling scrap metal, used cars and e-waste in this city since 1937! Their metal yard is open to the public. Check out the Services tab on their website for details.


7) ADL Process Electronics Recycling

ADL Process Electronics Recycling offers e-waste removal and recycling services to all levels of business and institutional customers in Southern Ontario, helping organizations dispose of end-of-life electronic products. You can drop your items off at 500 Keele or have them pick it up.


8) Computation Ltd.

Computation Ltd. recycles computers and e-waste in tandem with data destruction services. Another great resource for businesses and organizations to meet environmental and privacy related regulation. You can drop off your e-waste, or have them pick it up. They also sell refurbished items.


9) Free Geek Toronto

Free Geek Toronto takes a wide variety of e-waste. They take this stuff in for reuse, refurbishing and recycling – so you can bring them the items that are not necessarily ready to be retired, but just need a little fixing up. They are located at 180 Sudbury Street.


10) Recycle My Cell is Canada’s free recycling program for mobile devices and accessories. They offer drop-off locations and, if you are a business or organization, you can also apply to host drop-off locations!


11) Green4Good

Green4Good helps larger organizations responsibly retire e-waste. From this service, they are able to donate money and refurbished tech to charities.


12) Arts Junktion

Arts Junktion will take your old CDs and DVDs and reuse them! They give these items, among others, for free to TDSB staff as well as before and after school care programs, daycares and parenting centres (that are in TDSB schools). The purpose is to recycle material that can be used to enrich classroom projects, in-school creations, visual arts classes, and to support students in the delivery of curriculum using creativity and innovation.


13) City Of Toronto

When all else fails, leave it to the 6ix to make your e-waste magically disappear. Stick your e-waste out on garbage day *separate* from your garbage and recycling, call 311 and the city will pick it up for you. Check it out here for a list of items that are acceptable.


A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our long-time supporter Alison Ai Tamara Pope for conducting the extensive research that allowed us to put this guide together for you