Tool Libraries existed long before we opened our first location in Toronto – but it seems we must have been riding the cusp of the tipping point. This was an idea whose time had come for we started receiving requests from cities across Canada and Internationally asking for Skype consultations to get advice on starting their own tool libraries in their communities. And we happily obliged!

We are currently crowdfunding for Canada’s first Library of Things, The Sharing Depot. Beyond the immediate benefits of sharing more than just tools for Toronto, we really want this project to be an inspiration for the rest of the world just as our tool library model has been. We want to inspire people to think outside the box – let’s share everything we can that we don’t need access to all the time. If we cannot reach our funding goal, we cannot open the doors. Please, help us expand the sharing economy to include camping gear, sports equipment, children’s toys, gaming systems/board games and party supplies – donate here today!

Here’s the list of Tool Libraries we’ve inspired!

Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton, New Zealand
Kortrijk, Belgium
London, Ontario
Honolulu, Hawaii
Peterborough, ON
Edmonton (in progress)
Petawawa, ON
Montevideo, Uruguay
Boise, Idaho
Tacoma, Washington
Innsbruck, Austria