Hillary Predko

Executive Director,

IRBE Hillary is the Executive Director or IRBE. She has written about global systems of production, consumption and disposal of objects, co-founded an arts organization, Little Dada, that produces events, workshops and meetups exploring the social implications of emerging technologies and maker culture. Her career has been eclectic and sometimes eccentric – which has prepared me for the complex challenges that arise with small organizations.

Lawrence Alvarez

Co-Founder and President,

IRBE Lawrence is the President of the Institute for a Resource-Based Economy, and co-founder of the Toronto Tool Library. Lawrence is an energetic speaker, delivering talks on 3D printing, education, and the sharing economy. Growing up in Zimbabwe, he has lived in Botswana, Canada, South Africa and Argentina. His passion lies in exploring human relationships and our shared experience, and finding the connections between us.

Emily Charles-Donelson

Social Media Manager

@itsahashtaglife has been perfecting the art of online storytelling as a method to amplify the important messages of non-profits and charities in Toronto. She takes the tools and techniques of traditional digital media marketing and applies them to organizations working hard to shift our world into a new story – one that is more sustainable and supportive of people and the planet.

Ryan Dyment

Co-Founder and Board Member,

IRBE Ryan is the co-founder of the Toronto Tool Library. He has a Bachelor of Commerce with an Honors in Accounting from McGill University. Wanting to make more of a direct contribution to society, Ryan left finance and founded IRBE. He has travelled extensively to +60 countries and is active in many community groups around economic and environmental issues.

Kevin Morgan

Operations Manager,

Kevin Morgan is the Operations Manager, overseeing the maintenance and administration of the Toronto Tool Library’s two locations. Originally from Ottawa, Kevin earned a degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University and moved to Toronto last year to work in Toy design. He has worked extensively in the bicycle industry and has also been involved with the public library system. Kevin is regularly found at the East and West tool library.

Jennifer Cote

Makerspace Manager,

Toronto Tool Library Jennifer Cote is our Makerspace Manager overseeing the maintenance and administration of the Toronto Tool Library’s Makerspace. Jen has worked extensively in building and fabrication, and comes with a wealth of experience. Jen is also available as a one on one teacher.

Board of Directors

The Institute for a Resource Based Economy (IRBE) is a registered non-profit organization that runs the operations of the Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot. IRBE’s Board of Directors meet often to launch new projects, make connections and execute events. We are a community of innovators, activists, journalists and skilled-trades people – all motivated to make a difference in the city.
If you have any questions about the organization, please contact us at or learn more at