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Please Welcome Hillary Predko, our New Executive Director!

You might remember a few months back our co-founder and former Executive Director Ryan Dyment embarked on an adventure to New Zealand, supporting his partner in her new role as a Greenpeace campaigner. As we said farewell to Ryan, our co-founder Lawrence Alvarez began managing operations and leadership of the organization while we began the search to find just the right person to fill this crucial role.

The Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot is now pleased to welcome our new Executive Director to the team, Hillary Predko! You’ll begin seeing Hillary around our spaces beginning in June – please join us in welcoming her to our community!



To become a maker is to make the world for others, not only the material world but the world of ideas that rules over the material world, the dreams we dream and inhabit together. – Rebecca Solnit


Hello, I’m Hillary Predko and I am a maker and community organizer who has been working on DIY and independent culture initiatives in Toronto for the past 10 years. I am incredibly excited to be joining IRBE, and organization that tackles the way people relate to one another and the world of material objects; I believe that sharing and learning together is the way forward and culture is a malleable membrane where society is built and rebuilt. I look forward to building to future with the IRBE and Tool Library communities.


I am wrapping up a stint at Autodesk’s Pier 9 workshop in San Francisco where I have been researching the implications of China’s recent legislation affecting global recycling markets, and I have written about global systems of production, consumption and disposal of objects. I co-founded an arts organization, Little Dada, that produces events, workshops and meetups exploring the social implications of emerging technologies and maker culture. My career has been eclectic and sometimes eccentric – which has prepared me for the complex challenges that arise with small organizations. I’m excited to work with IRBE, creating the sharing economy with an amazing team. You can catch up with me this summer on Wednesday evenings at the Tool Library Makerspace, or reach out at



The Toronto Tool Library is exactly as it sounds: like a book library, but for tools! We have an extensive inventory of tools to help you with gardening, lawn care, home renovation and maintenance, bicycle repair and so much more. With the launch of The Sharing Depot, we’ve now added camping gear, board games, party supplies, children’s toys and sports equipment to our inventory.

We now have over 10,000+ items available to loan through our library across three locations in the city of Toronto.

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