Let’s Build the Sharing Economy – One Tool at a time! Our partners are wide ranging, from government to companies and from communities to start-ups. In the coming years, we are looking to expand our operations with more Tool Library locations and additional sharing projects in the city of Toronto. If you are interested in partnering with us, please read below about some our past alliances and future endeavours. You can also contact us directly to discuss a partnership opportunity further, at

Space and Locations

We’ve partnered with Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC) for our first Tool Library location (1499 Queen Street West).

Events and Hosting

We join forces with organizations to run events, such as with Centre for Social Innovation with ShareFest Toronto and others.

Sharing Project Incubation

We helped incubate start-up sharing projects like The Kitchen Library and the Toronto Seed Library with space, resources and promotion.

Tool Sponsorship

We are always on the look-out for Tool Sponsorships; leading companies have provided us tools including Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Mountain Equipment Co-Op and More.

Future Projects + Opportunities

The Institute for a Resource-Based Economy (IRBE) launched its leading project, the Toronto Tool Library, in 2013 in the Parkdale neighbourhood. Since then we have expanded to three locations (East York in 2013, Hillcrest in 2017). Now our organization is looking to expand with the following projects: New locations of the Tool Library in Condos and Co-op buildings Closer align our vision and mission with Waste Reduction, and Zero-Waste initiatives. Expanding our current locations to all include a Sharing Depot (Library of Things), to all be store-front locations, and have updated and innovative Makerspaces. If you are interested in partnering with IRBE and Tool Library in these projects OR have another partnership opportunity in mind, please Contact Us to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you!