The Toronto Tool Library Makerspace is an innovation and technology hub where you can learn new skills, collaborate with a community of makers and bring your creative pursuits to life. The space is located at our east Tool Library (1803 Danforth Ave). Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced maker, a membership to our space comes with amazing benefits.


Makers with Benefits

  • 3D Printers (Makerbot Replicator 2 [PLA & ABS], PrintrBot)
  • Open-Source Laser-Cutter (120 Watt LaserSaur, 2×4 foot bed)
  • Full Wood Shop (table saw, jointer, 13″ thickness planer, wood lathe, band saw, chop saw, router table)
  • High-Five Membership to the Toronto Tool Library & Sharing Depot are included with active Makerspace memberships, so you can borrow from our entire inventory at no extra charge
  • Free training on all Makerspace equipment and discounts on workshops
  • Discounted rates on 3D Printing materials


24/7 Access Key Card

Your 24/7 access key card means you can come in and work on your own time. Plus, only members can take advantage of FREE skills training with our in-house experts on all Makerspace equipment.


Membership Pricing

Makerspace Membership is $100/month plus a one-time registration fee of $200, for the set-up and continued running of the space. There is no minimum obligation or commitment, memberships can be stopped and restarted at any time for no extra fee. As a member you can also book out the whole space for maker-related events. We offer automated monthly billing and manual billing options. 

A Community of Makers

And most importantly, you’ll join a friendly, knowledgeable, close-knit community of innovative Makers from across many disciplines including carpentry and woodworking, ceramics, product design, environmental sustainability, technology and robotics, maintenance and repair, construction, 3D printing and more!  The Makerspace is a welcoming, positive place for artists, hobbyists and professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels.

We are committed to developing our members’ contributions to the broader Maker Movement and to providing high-quality learning opportunities with some of the best open-source technology available.  


Community Nights

Every Wednesday evening from 7:00-10:00pm we open our 1803 Danforth ave Makerspace to the public to use for free, with the help of expert volunteers. You can test drive 3D printers, our open-source laser cutter, the wood shop and any of the tools in the Tool Library. You can also come with a project in mind or something that needs repair. There are materials available on site, but you can also bring your own.



Contact Lawrence at Lawrence@IRBE.org / 416.420.4366 or Ryan at Ryan@IRBE.org today to find out how a Makerspace membership will make a difference in your creative pursuits, passions or profession.