Laser and 3D printing Terms of Service

The Customer agrees with the following conditions listed:

  1. The word “parties” refers to the customer and technician or to the customer and Toronto Tool Library.
  2. The Toronto Tool Library and Makerspace has limited space to post-process any products that are made.
  3. The condition of the submitted designs is maintained to the best ability within a given reason of technical capabilities know to the technician.
  4. The material is agreed to be of a certain value and delicate nature to the degree stated by the customer (you) if he or she is concerned about it’s outcome.
  5. The desired results are explained in detail with agreement from the technician before any work is done and before the estimate or invoice is agreed to by both parties.
  6. When the materials used to do the work intended is dropped off for work it is not the responsibility of the technician to replace it if is damaged at any point unless agreed to by both parties.