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Get Your Broken Things Fixed! Every Sunday with Repair Café Toronto

According to a recent article in National Geographic, Canada leads the developed world in per capita production of garbage. Faced with things like planned obsolescence and the expense and difficulty often involved in getting broken things repaired, it’s easy to see why so many Canadians opt to toss often perfectly good things away, without attempting to fix them first.

This is why we host Repair Café Toronto every Sunday afternoon from 12:00-4:00pm at our 830 St Clair West location to hold repair events. Bring in your broken treasures – everything from jewelry, textiles, small appliances, bicycles, electronics, etc. – and their amazing volunteer ‘fixperts’ will help you fix them!

Enjoy coffee, tea and treats while you wait. While the service is free, we encourage people to make a donations as this fantastic organization that works to keep things out of Toronto landfills is entirely run on donations from the public.

Our hope is that an increasing number of Canadians will begin demanding that affordable, accessible avenues for repairing broken things become a norm in Canada. For instance, Sweden recently introduced tax breaks on repairs, which will make it more affordable and will also stimulate jobs and businesses in the repair sector. These are the kinds of policy changes we need to implement to kick Canada’s throwaway culture to the curb.

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