Birthday Parties

TTL Kids! wants to host your next celebration!

TTL Kids! would love to host your Young Maker’s next birthday party! We are proud to offer unique and inventive birthday party experiences for Young Makers ages 6 and up. Whether they’d like to explore the world of 3D printing, dabble in woodworking,  or build a bot, we work to provide a birthday experience your Young Maker will be sure to remember!

Each birthday party involves a 90 minute making activity, two facilitators, and use of the our east makespace for a 2 hour period. Generally, birthday parties are $265 + HST.

Browse through our recommended birthday options below or suggest your own – with our tools and expertise, the sky’s the limit!  

Contact Ryan to book your Young Maker’s party!

Simple Bot Build

(appropriate for Makers 8 y.o.+)

By far, our most popular activity! Young Makers get a taste of robotics by building a simple remote controlled bot (two geared motors with wheels and a front caster). Once the bots are built, Young Makers can either navigate an obstacle course or battle it out in the Ultimate Robot Birthday Battle!

Participants can take their bots home for an additional $12 per person.


(appropriate for Makers 6 y.o.+)

Young Makers are introduced to simple circuits through designing and making their very own vibrating bot. Markers or paint brushes are then affixed to the bots and spontaneous art is created!

Each participant will be able to take their brushbots home along with a piece of art they helped to create.

Marshmallow Catapult Build

(appropriate for Makers 6 y.o.+)

You know what’s cooler than a loot bag? A marshmallow catapult! Young Makers will be introduced to a variety of hand and power tools and carefully supervised in their use in the making of marshmallow catapults. Once catapults are built, let the launching begin!

Each participant will leave with an artifact of their handiwork, their very own marshmallow catapult!

Spin-Art Machine

(appropriate for Makers 8 y.o.+)

Word has it that you can make spin art at some birthday parties. We love spin art! When you have your birthday party at Toronto Tool Library, you make the spin art machine – then you make some spin art! Young Makers are introduced to simple circuits through making their very own spin art machine with a switch, a motor, and a battery.

Each participant will have a cool little art machine to take home as well as a few cool new pieces of art!