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Big News – our East York Location is Moving!

Big news everyone – we’re moving our East York location in November!


We’ve outgrown the space. We started in the basement, moved to occupy the main floor, and now we’re ready for the next level. We’re excited!


Why now?

Longstanding zoning issues have come to a head and we had to decide whether to pursue rezoning or search for a more suitable space. The current location has always been a compromise, so we’ve decided not to rezone and find another space instead. The East York space is not suitable for our diverse maker community, and the Tool Library and Sharing Depot is ready to grow.

Our other two locations – Parkdale and Hillcrest – will continue normal operations.

This is a huge opportunity! An opportunity to grow, expand, innovate and reach the next level for our organization. The new space will be better, safer, and more accesible. The East York location has 3,000 members and we have made 33,000 loans – we’re a large community and we don’t intend to stop growing.


Where are we moving to?

Though we don’t know the address yet, we aim to remain in the East side where we’ve built and been supported by a strong community. We’re working with partners, agents, and our existing team to find something perfect.


How does this affect TTL/SD memberships?

Ideally, not very much! We’ll be closed for a few days while we relocate our inventory, and during this time we will accommodate all members at other locations.


What can I do to help?

We’ll be sending out a survey in the coming weeks to ask what you want in an upgraded Tool Library/Sharing Depot/Makerspace. What kinds of tools should it have? How big? Should it have the capacity to be launched into space? Be able to create an artificial vacuum in which to test the durability of your Mars furniture? Your valuable input will be used to decide the makeup of our next iteration. What about metalworking, better dust collection, spray booth, a finishing area, and better storage?


In closing:

You’re a part of this community, and we won’t let you down! Our work is so important for it gives access, teaches skills, and promotes sharing, all with the goal of challenging ownership, our relationship to the Earth’s resources, and combating the devastating changes to the climate that come with over-consumption, and business-as-usual. This move of our East York location is a chance to further serve this mission.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to get involved, please email us at



Lawrence Alvarez, Co-founder/Board Member
The Institute for a Resource-Based Economy