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A Winter Alternative to Farmers’ Markets: the Good Food Box

The Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot at 1803 Danforth Ave are partnering with FoodShare Toronto as a pick-up location for their Good Food Box Program! As the summer farmers’ markets wind down, a Good Food Box is a great winer option for those looking for fresh produce.

What is the Good Food Box Program? FoodShare’s Good Food Box is a subsidized fresh produce distribution program. FoodShare’s distribution of fresh produce started 15 years ago as a way to create linkages between field and table. The goal was to increase the income of farmers, at the same time make affordable produce more accessible to Toronto communities. Find more information about the project online here.

This is the easier, cheaper way to access local, seasonal produce in Toronto.


How Does It Work?


Step 1: Select which food box you would like to order. You can see what’s inside the different boxes by clicking here.

Step 2: Contact Jonathan at to place your order.

Step 3: Your box will be delivered to 1803 Danforth Ave, Toronto Tool Library/Sharing Depot. Delivery days are the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Pick up your box and enjoy!

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 through 3!


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Find out more about the Good Food Box program by reading their online flyer. To order your box, contact Jonathan at


Why order a Good Food Box?


1) You Save Money

The Good Food Program acts like a large buying club purchasing large quantities of produce from farmers and the Ontario Food Terminal at affordable rates. They are able to do this because all the boxes are pre-ordered and each type of box contains the same contents.

Like our organization, volunteers who give their time help to keep rates down for you. Over 15 volunteers come to FoodShare’s warehouse every week to pack up to 1500 boxes.

FoodShare also subsidizes the cost of the staff, warehouse rent and delivery costs by accepting generous donations and grants from the public, governments and foundations. The value of the $18 box at a regular supermarket often ranges between $25 and $27, depending on the store and the time of year.


2) You Support Local Family Farms

A healthy farm economy helps to boost the urban economy and helps ensure we have access to affordable, local produce. By building relationships with local farmers we keep box prices low while paying hardworking farmers a fair price.


3) You Support the Environment

Whenever possible, the Good Food Box features seasonal Ontario-grown products, supporting local farmers and saving fuel. Eating local food that is in season is more environmentally friendly:

Imported food travels on average 2,500 km before it reaches our homes. That is roughly the distance between Toronto and Regina, for perspective. In general, the international agricultural process is responsible for 44% to 57% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As you can imagine, transportation contributes to a portion of that far too great number. By opting for local food, such as the Greenbelt farms produce which only travels 250 km on average before reaching your plate (roughly from Toronto to Kingston), you can aid in reducing that number, even if only by a small percent.