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13 Jaw-Dropping #TTLmade Projects We Had to Share

There’s no question that Toronto has some pretty exceptionally talented makers. We are extremely fortunate to get to see that talent on full display when makers borrow our tools and hashtag the projects they create with #TTLmade.

Here’s a few that really knocked our socks off! Please feel free to add the projects you create, repair or renovate with borrowed tools (or in our Makerspace) by tagging your posts #TTLmade!

***Also note *** we run an open Community Night at our 1803 Danforth Ave Makerspace where you can join us to use our laser cutter, 3D Printers, full Wood Shop and all the tools in the Tool Library for FREE! Expert volunteers on site to help, read more about Community Night here!

1) A Pizza Oven


Yup, Grant made this dreamy pizza oven using tools he borrowed from the tool library!

2) A Canoe


Dana borrowed our scroll saw, belt sander, chisels and literally all of our clamps to build this beautiful canoe in his kitchen. You can read about this story on our blog.

3) A Balance Bike


Michael, one of our Makerspace members, built this awesome balance bike for his daughter! The process: straightforward cutting of pieces with various saws at the Tool Library, including a lot of bandsawing. Glueing and clamping, followed by more bandsaw trimming, and shaping on the belt sander. Final hand-sanding, seat upholstery and final assembly were done at home.

4) The Bench Bar


This is one of the loveliest upcycling projects we’ve seen in a while. Recently, our volunteer Jarrod built this whole thing using upcycled wood from an old fence with borrowed tools from the Tool Library! The middle opens up to a cooler for drinks!

5) A Wind Tunnel 


Gordon & his team used our 3D Printers and Laser Cutter to make this crazy Wind Tunnel! They got the highest mark in their class for this one, obviously!

6) A Dulcimer 


Our Makerspace member Sam working on his Dulcimer at our 1803 Danforth Ave Makerspace.

7) Steps


Mihnea & family shared this photos of the back steps they built using borrowed tools from the tool library!

8) Upcycled Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.20.02 AM

Christopher made this amazing upcycled wood pallet coffee table using Toronto Tool Library sanders, planers, work tables, clamps and frequent visits to our Danforth woodshop! He says our services saved him a lot of time and money. Beautiful results!

9) Baby Drumsticks

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.18.44 AM

Love these baby drumsticks, regrammed from @walkmydogto! They were made from an old set of big drumsticks on the wood lathe in our makerspace! Awesome upcycling!

10) A Row Boat


Yes, another boat! Grant built this row boat with tools from our tool library. Before or after he built the Pizza Oven above, we’re not sure! Some serious talent right huurr.

11) A Loft Bed


A member made this loft bed using our tools & put it on instructables! You can get the instruction to do-it-youself here.

12) A Plant Shelf


Toronto Tool Library member Laure used scrap wood in her backyard and borrowed tools from the Tool Library to build this plant shelving unit!

13) Coils

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.19.14 AM

Rob made these stunning coils for a workshop on recording electromagnetic signals using tools from the tool library and our laser cutter!

We work really hard to keep this non-profit tool sharing service alive. It really motivates us to see what the community is able to achieve using borrowed tools! If you make something, repair something or renovate something using tools from the tool library (or in our Makerspace) PLEASE SHARE! Use the hashtag #TTLmade!

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