Is your young one a Maker in the Making?


Maybe your Young Maker is interested in learning about 3D printing, maybe they want to dabble in woodworking, or explore electronics. Whatever it is, TTL Kids is here to engage and guide your Maker in the Making. Come make with us!

Scroll down to see what sorts of workshops we offer. If you’re looking for something particular but you don’t see here, e-mail Michelle. She loves hearing new ideas!




Musical Duet & Robot Duel Game!

With Little Robot Friends!


TTL Kids + Little Robot Friends is celebrating Family Day weekend with a cooperative coding workshop! Learn how to program a Little Robot Friends musical duet & robot duel game!

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3D Printing Workshops

The advent of 3D printing is said to signal the beginning of a new industrial revolution. Not only does 3D printing create excitement among Young Makers, as they learn to design and think in 3D, they open new possibilities for learning and develop greater problem solving skills.

From the basics to advanced modeling, choose the workshop that suits your Young Maker best!

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Break Up to Make Up Workshops

The Gift Series

In addition to Making, we find that our Young Makers like breaking (or, taking things apart)! Break Up to Make Up Workshops give Young Makers the opportunity to take electronics (that no longer work) apart and explore the inner working of machines. With those parts, Young Makers design and build all sorts of things! Things that can be given as gifts! Click here for more details!



Program an Ornament to Sing

With Little Robot Friends!


TTL Kids! is so excited to once again be teaming up with Little Robot Friends! In this workshop, Young Makers will get to make and solder their own Little Robot Friend ($100 value!), decorate it, and program their robot to sing a holiday jingle!

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* If your child is younger than the specified age of the workshop but demonstrates maturity we would be happy to accommodate you. Please contact our Youth Programming Coordinator Michelle with any questions at


Looking for something particular that you don’t see here? Email Michelle!