Love tools? Love Sharing? 

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 We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us run the Tool Library!

By volunteering for ten hours per month (2 or 3 shifts),  we offer an exchange of a FREE Makerspace Membership (worth $100/ month) plus a FREE High Five Tool Library Membership (worth $100 annually) and High Five Sharing Depot membership (also $100 annually). Plus volunteers receive discounted workshops and access to all our events. Scroll down to read more about our standard volunteer positions. 

* Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. If you are a co-op teacher with placement students or a co-op student yourself, please email us.   


How To Volunteer

Volunteer Roles 

 1.  Librarian Tool Librarians are responsible for being onsite at one of our locations for a 5-hour shift. Librarians will check inventory in and out, add new members and be the face of the organizations for our 4,000+ members.                                   

2. Shop Supervisor (East Location Only) Shop Supervisors are in charge of our woodshop and ensure a safe environment for everyone in the space. Supervisors should have an extensive knowledge of power tools including table saws, planers and jointers and be able to run workshops on the safety and basic use of these tools.


3.  Maintenance & Repair  – Our maintenance and repair team are responsible for ensuring our tools are functioning safely before they are borrowed by our members. Tools often break and need maintenance and volunteers in this role will bring tools back to life so they can be loaned out once again..                           .

 2. Register your interest!

Sign-up to be contacted about your desired volunteer role.

 Librarian Sign-up!        Shop Supervisor Sign-up!        Maintenance Sign-up!

3. Starting your shifts

Once you have been contacted by a Tool Library manager or completed your info session, those interested in making a volunteer commitment will have the opportunity to sign up for their first shifts.

Please note shift availability may vary as volunteer capacity changes from month to month.