For the whole month of May, with the purchase of a membership to the Toronto Tool Library OR The Sharing Depot we’re giving away one month FREE to:

  • New Members
  • Members who bring in a New Member

Become A Member!

If you purchase a membership online: when you come in to borrow an item or pick up your card, you can mention to the Tool Librarian that you participated in the offer and they will ensure the extra month is added to your account.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?


Save Money

By paying an annual membership fee that starts at $50/year to access over 5,000+ tools – you will be saving yourself from spending hundreds of dollars or more on tools that will end up sitting in your basement, closet or garage.


Save The Environment

By borrowing tools from a tool library, we are cutting back on the waste and inefficiency that comes with purchasing to own. Why should every house in a neighbourhood have a drill sitting in the basement or garage when the average drill is used for just 14 minutes in its usable lifespan?

The Tool Library also has a team of volunteer ‘Fixperts’ who join us every week to maintain and repair tools as needed to keep them out of the landfill and in circulation for as long as possible.


Save Space

Physical clutter leads to a loss of time and money – time spent searching for things you were certain you had somewhere and money invested into new things you can’t find because they are buried at the back of a closet or forgotten in a storage unit.

One of the best parts about borrowing from a lending library is that you don’t need to worry about storing the item in your home – you simply return it to the community hub for someone else to use.


Support Your Community

Not everyone can afford to purchase tools. Not everyone can afford to learn how to use tools. By becoming a member of a tool library in your community, you are allowing others to access resources they otherwise would not be able to. An affordable membership rate and free or low cost DIY workshops give everyone an opportunity to participate in making and building what they need.

Your membership fees allow these spaces to exist and therefore lift communities up by making access to resources a more level playing field.

Read more about the benefits of Tool Libraries here.