Lasersaur Laser Cutter

Lasersaur is an opensource laser cutter – the first in Toronto – built by our Maker community. Tool Members and Makerspace members can get access to the Laser cutter at varying rates. See below for usage fees, specifications and materials. Lasersaur was designed to fill the need of makers, artists and scientists who wanted a safe and highly capable machine that cuts and etches wood, plastic + leather into any 2D design. We built our Laser Cutter to have a 100 watt carbon dioxide laser and it has a bed size of 2′ feet by 4′ feet. To learn more, join one of our Workshops to understand how you can use our Laser Cutter yourself! For more information, read below.

        Specifications                                 Materials

              – MAXIMUM CUT – 2′ x 4′ cutting bed                                                         -Wood (plywood, milled) & MDF

     – MAXIMUM THICKNESS1/2″                                                                                          

   – Submission should be .svg or .dxf format                                                 –Leathers & Textiles               

               – Also accept .pdf, .dwg, .Ai, .3dm                                                                Paper, Cardboard & Hardboard

                   – Measurements preferred in Metrics                                                                    – NO METALS  / ACRYLIC                  .                                    

                                 *See Example of Design Format                                                                   – ETCHING ONLY: Glass, Marble & Stone            

Rates for Members + Makerspace