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If you happened to be passing by our east side location this past Saturday, you may have noticed the extra hustle and bustle on the sidewalk and an excited buzz in the air. What was all the fuss about? Toronto’s Repair Café set up shop above our Danforth location and welcomed with open arms all the sad, broken items that locals could not fix by themselves – toasters, clocks, CD players, clothing, books, headphones, vacuum […]

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Set to begin mid-March, the next round of Youth Programs at the Toronto Tool Library East Side Makerspace will introduce youth to robotics, circuitry, wood working, shared spaces, and problem solving. They’ll leave with their own robot! But not before it navigates our obstacle course! More details of the program here  

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Introducing the newest addition to the Tool Library and Makerspace at 1803 Danforth Avenue! The LASERSAUR is an open source, 100 Watt laser cutter with a 2 x 4 foot cutting bed. It is able to cut organics (wood, plastics, leather etc).    Want access? Find out more here!

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  “Wood You Be Mine” hosted by Jennifer Rong of Rong Designs. There was a flurry of activity as participants to the space went from station to station, creating custom buttons, wine bottle candle holders and custom heart lightbulbs. The Kitchen Library also had a chocolate fondue station (where many people congregated) as well as a Valentine’s Day special juice, freshly made with the Library’s own juicer. Many attendees were […]

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Jennifer Rong of Rong Designs will be leading our “Wood You Be My Valentine” workshop this Thursday, February 13 and is an active member of the Toronto Tool Library. How did you get involved in design? I have a background in graphic design and got into furniture design and woodworking partly through my previous job and through DIY projects of my own. I’ve always been the hands on creative type […]

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We are proud to announce the start of our Youth Program at the East End location. With the success of Battle Bot Royale (see a preview here), we’ve decided to open up a youth program as a part of our Maker Space initiative. Tool Library members must be 18 years or older but with the youth program, we hope to be able to make our skills and knowledge accessible to […]

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Join us for a pre-Valentines Day event at the Tool Library East Side Makerspace! February 13th, 2014. 1803 Danforth Avenue. Wood working, bottle cutting, juicing, 3D printing and light-bulb-project making! There’ll also be a chocolate fountain… so bring your dippables! 7:00 pm  to  10:00 pm $5 TTL members / $10 non-members HOSTED BY JENNIFER RONG @ RONG DESIGNS check out some of her work at

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We know you’ll all be too busy for repairs and projects while enjoying the holidays this month! Please note that both West and East tool library locations will be closed Monday, December 23 to Friday, January 3. The libraries will REOPEN on Saturday, January 4, 2014. Makerspace members will continue to enjoy unlimited access to the Makerspace with their access cards throughout this holiday library closure. Happy Holidays from your Tool […]

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The Toronto Tool Library and Makerspace offers high-quality 3D printing for many needs for both members and non-members such as companies and organizations.  Rates are based on machine time (per hour) and the total weight of material used for the print (per gram). Rates are based on machine time (per hour) and the total weight of material used for the print (per gram). Makerspace Members $0.25 / gram of material […]

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Woo hoo!  The expanded  Toronto Tool Library and Makerspace at 1803 Danforth Avenue is now open because of your amazing crowdfund support.  Now it’s time to deliver your rewards! Rewards Recap $50 - annual Tool Library membership & 2 tickets to an IRBE event $75 - all of the above plus a Toronto Tool Library t-shirt & 1 free workshop $100 - all of the above plus a personalized 3D print of yourself or mini tool $250 - all of the […]

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